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Doing Our Part

At Combi-Pack, we take pride in delivering innovative packaging solutions that use less material which significantly contribute to cost and energy efficiency. Our signature Combi-Cup is designed to align with such concept and allowed us to save up to 25% of materials used.


Environmental concerns continue to be reflected in our products as they are made easy for recycling where the plastic and cardboard sleeves are easily segregated. In addition our cardboard sleeves used recycled materials, reducing the impact of our operations by conserving resources.


With the innovative “in-mould labelling” process it even eliminates segregation of material entirely.

Combi Cup

The Combi-Cup concept has been designed for easier recycling. Certain packaging material used in market contain of dual material, meaning that one product uses two material (lamination). When products are laminated, recycling hubs have to send the waste through a special process to separate the two material. This will consume a lot of time, manpower and electricity.


However to recycle a mono-material part the process is shortened and consume less energy. Therefore Combi-Cup concept has made to be suitable for recycling, where paper sleeves and plastic cup can be easily separated and need not go through a separated process for recycling. The cups and sleeves are attached without any adhesive application.